Reflection and takeaway from the World Singles Congress:

We are created to be HOLY. We, as children of God, were created in God’s image and likeness. But what really, is the mold of God? God is HOLY. Therefore, we were originally molded as holy people. But of course, living in a fallen world, we may have fallen as well in so many aspects of our lives. But because “holy” is our original mold, this is what we are also seeking to restore. This is the fulfillment that our hearts truly long for. Most of the time, we are unaware of it because our eyes and minds are clouded by the things of the world. Because of that, we tend to seek fulfillment from the things of the world, people or circumstances. But holiness cannot be found in anything else – except from the only One that is truly Holy – God. It can only be found in the One who gave us the mold of holiness and who is perfectly Holy Himself.

We try to be good, we try to be loving, we pursue everything that’s good because unknowingly, we want to be HOLY. Holiness is tied to everything else that’s beautiful – goodness, love, peace, charity, generosity, compassion, mercy. I myself have not known this for a long time, only to realize that everything I do is because of this longing – the longing to be Holy, to be reconciled with God, to be aligned with Him by heart. To be called “Holy” I thought is something superficial, impossible to achieve. True. It’s hard. But not impossible. I myself have fallen short of this holiness countless of times! I have fallen again and again. But that’s the reason why we have Jesus Christ. Because through Him, we can be saved and be restored again to our original mold. And I thank Jesus for His gift of salvation. Thank Jesus for what He did on the cross. Thank God for the resurrection of Jesus. This is what salvation does to us. Giving us hope each day. Another chance to be good and holy again. A chance to be reconciled again with the only One that’s perfectly Holy. Let us all embrace this gift!

I dare you to keep this in your mind and heart in this season of Lent. That we may be reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus for us, of God’s great love and mercy of us. Praise God!!!

#OneInBattleOneInChrist #RoadToGlory #WSC2017

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