Single? Looking for a date? Looking for love?

Search no further. You’ve got the perfect date for February 14. Who? Didn’t you know? He’s been following you every day, every minute, every where. He’s been watching all that you do, smiling at you, appreciating you, waiting on you. Waiting and hoping for that one special day, when you’ll finally set aside a day to spend time with Him, and just with Him alone. Excitedly, He waits on you and whispers to Himself, “Is this the day I’ve been waiting for?”

He has always been there with you, ever since you were born and even before you knew about “Valentine’s Day.”

He was with you, giving you the courage when you asked that girl out.

He was with you, comforting you, when you were hurting when you saw your crush asking another girl out.

He was with you, crying with you, when your heart was broken when you and your partner broke up.

He was there, silently looking at you, waiting for you to remember Him when you thought you were alone. When you thought that nobody thought of you, that nobody wanted you, that nobody wanted to be with you. When you thought that nobody sees you as “The One”, when you thought that nobody’s longing to be loved by you..

Each day of your life, He’s waiting on you. Years have passed, still, He didn’t give up. He was the One unnoticed, when you looked for love everywhere, asked for love from everyone but Him. He’s the One who wishes that one day, you’ll finally look for Him first – even that is the only time you come to Him just because “you had no other choice.”

I’ll tell you. Today, wake up. The search is over. Your perfect date has always been there with you. Actually, not only with you – but is within you. He is there, within you, knocking at the door of your heart. Day and night, tirelessly knocking, hoping that you’ll finally welcome and embrace Him and His love.

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with Me.” Revelation 3:20


He’s the One, who never gives up on pursuing you, no matter how many times you have ignored Him. He’s the One who has always been persistent in making you feel loved no matter how many times that love was taken for granted. He’s the One who stared at you when nobody else looked at you. The One who never gives up on giving you everything you need so that you’ll at least acknowledge His presence. The Lover of your soul, the Lover of your life. The One who loved you despite your flaws and sins, the One who loved you even without your achievements, the One who loved you for simply who you are.

Now, put your hands to your heart, listen to every beat of it – each beat is His knock at the door of your heart. Search no more. The perfect love is with you and is within you. He’s the Lover who doesn’t expect your gifts, your letters or your surprises. He’s the Lover that doesn’t want anything from you but your attention and love. He’s the Lover that does not expect anything from you but is willing to give everything to you.

Open the door of your heart and welcome Him. Stretch your arms, embrace Him. Open the palm of your hands and receive all the gifts that He has been wanting to give you not only this Valentine’s Day but each day for the rest of your life. Everything that He wants to give you is clothed with grace and beauty. The beauty of His love, His peace, His companionship, His freedom and His salvation. Tell me, will you ever find a date who can give you all of these?

Today, be reminded of how blessed you are to have a Lover who loves you unconditionally and expects nothing from you in return. Valentine’s Day or not, His love is waiting for you. Each day, every morning, His love is new, waiting to be received by you.

On February 14, wherever you may be, take advantage of the chance to be intimate with the perfect date you’ll ever have – the love Himself, God. Be grateful for the priceless yet greatest gift of all – the love of God. It is prettier than flowers, sweeter than chocolates, warmer than hugs, more precious than kisses. You’ve got everything you need. You’ve got love and you are loved. So search no more.

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” Jeremiah 31:3