Hello everyone!! On this blogpost, I will share with you my reviews on NM Organic Products. 🙂

This facial care set was given to me as a gift by a good friend who personally discovered this skin care set and decided to put it into business. And in return, I promised her to do a product review and post it here and share it on Facebook 🙂

OK. So believe it or not, I’m the type of woman who is not fond of washing her face before she goes to sleep. Lol. I only wash my face when I take a shower. HAHA. So the usual result of that laziness is, I either get pimples or my skin gets dull. I really feel lazy using any beauty product because I rarely see an effect on my face but since I knew about my friend’s business and I saw its effect on her, I thought I should give it a try.

Thank God I got them as a gift! 🙂


The first product I used was the facial scrub. Honestly, after the first use, I already saw the glowing effect on my face. I also felt the smooth effect on my skin so I decided to continue using it. I only use it once a day – before I take a bath. First, I damp my face with a bit of water and then spread the scrub on my face, let it stay for 10 minutes and then rinse it again with water.

On the third day of using the scrub, I noticed that there were small rashes on my face. So I told my friend about it and she said that it may be because of the baking soda which is part of the ingredients of the facial scrub. She said that some skin works well with a baking soda while for some, it may cause an allergic reaction to the skin – which happened to me. So she told me that she’ll give me another mix of the scrub without the baking soda. And this time, after using the new mix of scrub for three consecutive days, I noticed that there were no more allergic reactions and my skin looked glowing again. 🙂 And I loved it! Because I super loved it, I let it stay on my face for 30minutes-1hour before I take a bath. HAHA. Adik lang :p

*Note: The facial scrub has two variants. One with the baking soda and one without. The reason that the original mix has a baking soda is because it helps in drying pimples quickly, helps in clarifying the skin and it is meant to make the skin whiter and shinier. You can ask the owner more about the products. I’ll be posting the link of NM Organic’s FB page on the end of this blogpost.

Of all the products, this is my personal favorite. Aside from making my skin look glowing, soft and smooth, I also noticed that the usual oil on my face has lessen. One time, I used it at night when I washed my face and when I woke up the following morning, my face looked so fresh. Walang oil. Promise. Haha. I was surprised because my face in the morning is usually super oily. I hate it that it makes my skin look dark. But that morning, my face looked fresh and it looked like I put a powder on it. Feeling ko ang ganda ko. Lol. BTW, I also super love its scent. 🙂


I love this body scrub! My skin is usually dry but whenever I use this body scrub, it feels like I used a Dove soap. It makes my skin smooth and soft 🙂 The scrub melts on my skin. I super love its scent as well!


This is my second favorite product 🙂 I feel that it’s the product that makes my skin soft and moisturized. After washing my face at night, I put this cream and let it stay on my face overnight and wash it the following morning. Then after washing my face, wala na. Ang ganda ko na. Char. Haha. But seriously, it really makes my skin smooth and moisturized 🙂 Sometimes, when I use the facial scrub, after 30minutes of letting the scrub stay on my skin, I will put the facial cream and massage my face again then babad ulit for maybe 20 minutes then saka ko i-wash face ko. Wala lang super addict ko lang. HAHA 🙂 I just love its effect.


As for the facial spray, I use it after washing my face and sometimes spray it also when I let the scrub stay on my face. Wala lang I just love mixing them up and using all of them at the same time. Lol. It’s nice because it’s not sticky on the face and absorbs quickly.

So far, that’s my review on the products. If you noticed, I do not have a product review on the concentrated cream. (The one in the smallest container) That one is especially made for pimples. I only tried it once because for me it’s a bit messy on the face because of the sugar ingredient. You will need to put it on your pimple and let it stay overnight. Anyway, one of these days I might try it again to see its effect on my pimples.


This is my picture after using NM Organics for three consecutive days. No make-up. Lip tint lang! No filter as well. As you can see, I still have my dark spots but overall, my skin looks brighter 🙂


That’s it! I hope my product review will be helpful to those who would like to try NM Organic Products 🙂 I suggest that you try their products and see how it will help your skin look brighter 🙂 Up to this day, I’m still using their products and will continue to do so. I love that their products are organic that’s why I’m at ease even if I let the products stay on my skin for 30minutes and more.

For more details, please like and follow their FB page below. Enjoy and God bless you all! 🙂


P.S Thank you my dear friend for letting me use your products. Thumbs up! May God bless you more and your business! 🙂