I searched for my heart. Through the years, I tried to search for it through people, things, events and places. I’ve tried hard. There were times when I thought I already found it, but time would pass and I’d realize again and again that, no. This is not it. My heart isn’t here. This is not me.

I’ve learned and I’ve come to know myself better and continued searching for my heart with tears and a little hope. Until one day, God had mercy on me, He called me and told me, “Carissa, here’s your heart. It’s with me, all along. You’ve been searching everywhere except here, above you.”

Human as I am, I kept on searching for “greater” things (as how the world defines it) but I realized, God may have not called me to do “greater” things for the world but to do greater things for Him. And there’s only one thing clear to me now, I should start AGAIN with God, my heart keeper.”Start with God” – I knew it and heard it many times before but it was not easy. It’s a commitment and a choice I should make every single day. There are so much things unknown to me now but seeing my heart safe, beating, getting bigger, in its best condition despite its broken parts, safely placed in the hand of God – gives me a vision on where to use my time and my life. And I’ll just leave it there, forever – in His hand that I trust. The hand that was once pierced to the cross but forever saves.

Trusting my heart and life to Jesus┬ámade me secured, not fearing what tomorrow might bring, not fearing what the world might say. I believe that I am one of the richest person in this world, because I have true joy and peace – things that can never be bought nor be stolen from me. Gifts that can only come from the Lord. Thank You Jesus for taking care of my heart. My heart beats for You. I am Yours.