“Dreams really do come true.” This is what I said to myself as I cut my picture from the Feast Bulletin given away last Sunday.

When I was a first timer at The Feast way back year 2014, I collected each Feast Bulletin given every Sunday until I reached my first year attending this community. I loved each bulletin so much that I will read everything and keep them in a folder and every time there will be someone who will share at the stage about his/her story of how God blessed his/her life, I will ask myself, “What if I will be chosen to share my story in that stage today? What am i going to say?” And looking at this today, I cannot help but say that dreams really do come true. I now have a copy of the bulletin where I shared my story of God’s faithfulness. Jesus helped me hit two birds with one stone. This may be nothing to some people, but for me, this is God’s faithfulness. 

And just this year, I even thought of searching through Google a picture of a woman preaching, print it and replace it with a photo of my face then put it in my vision board. Because you know, they say put pictures on your vision board.😁 But God was not contented with that. He wanted me to have a photo of my own captured while speaking about His goodness. So yes, I already had my very own photo posted in my vision board. #GalingNiLord

I’m sharing this because these little things were only once part of my countless dreams and I never thought that this would really happen and I realized that even there are times that you forget about your dreams, on God’s preferred timing, He will make them happen. These are just few of the beautiful milestones in my life despite the challenges I face today. And I choose to look at them and be grateful for them because all of these are part of God’s greater plan.

I will always hope and pray. I will persevere. What a shame to me if I choose to be hopeless and not have faith because God has already proven so many times in my life how faithful He is and how beautiful His plans are. His timing is just perfect. I bring You back the glory Jesus. And I pray for more opportunities to share Your love and Your Word. I praise You. THANK YOU for Your favor.