Can’t sleep.. Been rolling on my bed for almost 2 hours already. (Considering this is not the usual me) I figured out that God had to clear out some things to me.. And so I wrote at 3 in the morning.. Praying that after this, I can finally sleep..

For the past days/weeks, there are so much questions flowing in my head. And I’m not getting any relevant answers. Despite of not knowing the answers, I just kept on praying. Pleading to God. Admitting that I am nothing without Him. That I cannot move without His grace in my life. That all the blessings I am receiving are from Him. Truthfully, I get all the blessings I get effortlessly. So there are times that I get scared and think that one day, God might take these all away from me. Because lately, I’ve been irresponsible. But of course, there’s still a voice in my head that says, God is not a punishing God. But instead, God is a Father that loves to discipline His child. Today, God spoke to me in different ways and I pray that through them, I may continue to move forward.

“God loves to steer a moving ship. If you are tied up in the harbor of comfort and leisure, God ordinarily will not give you clear direction. He gives direction to captains who point their ship out of the harbor, into the storm.”

Lord forgive me for the times I’ve been irresponsible of Your blessings. I share my struggle as I am not ashamed that I am nothing without You. That everything is worthless without You. Thank you for Your blessings that I will never ever deserve no matter what I do. Teach me to be humble that I may keep this truth in my head and in my heart. Change me. Consume me. Guide me. Lead me. Have mercy on me. All of these I pray in Your mighty name, Jesus. Thank you and I love You. #GoodNight


P.S Since this post might be a bit vague to you, I want to share to you instead the link I’ve just read. Good read. 😉