God changed me, empowered me and spoke to me in a way I never thought possible.

I took a seat on a quiet place and prayed, “Lord whisper to me the words You want to say to me, speak to me. Say the things You want me to know.” 


May you be blessed. ❤

Written July 25, 2015 @ St. James Retreat House, Tagaytay City, Philippines.

“Dear my beautiful daughter Carissa,

I thank you for choosing Me today. Thank you for giving your love and time for Me. I am so proud of you. I am proud of how much you love Me. Thank you for extending My love to others through your love. You should always know that I love you very much, I always think about you and I am always with you. Do not be afraid of anything because I am with you. I’ll give you my Holy Spirit to empower you. And because I have blessed you with so much gifts, I hope that you will use it for the welfare of others and so you can bring Me glory. I know that I can count on you and you will not fail Me. Know that I will not fail you either. You have seen how I rescued you from deep waters and for the rest of your life, I will always be your Savior. Advance Happy Birthday my dear Carissa, remember that I will not bring you into this world if I don’t love you. Go outside and make disciples. Inspire people and share the grace and good news you have received from Me. I know that in the years to come, there is so much more in this world that you can do to make a difference and you will be remembered as a child of God who didn’t hold back from sharing Me to others. When temptations and negative ideas come, just shake it off because you and I can conquer anything together. Trust that I will answer the desires of your heart because I am a faithful God. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are worthy, you are gifted, you are chosen, you are anointed, you are blessed, you are favored and you are wonderful. I am proud of you My child. Continue the things that you are doing and always listen to My voice because I am the One who will direct you to the path of freedom, peace, love, joy and success. Just stay with Me, hold My hand, and we will continue to conquer the world and create the best memories.

Loving you,


After writing this, I looked at it and I was amazed on how I finished it without interruption. The message I was getting in my head was clear. I believe that these are not my words but the Lord’s words. After that moment, I just knew. My life will change. I will be changed. I lifted everything to God – my dreams and my heart’s desires. After realizing how deep the Father’s love is, I said to Him, “Lord. Here I am today, surrendering everything to You. Take everything from me. Take my dreams from my hands and replace it with the things You want me to do.” I never trusted the Lord like this before. I felt that this God, who I praise, wants the best for me. So it is just, to give everything back to Him. For I believe, that if I put Him first above all, He will give what He knows is best for me. I will never forget. This was the day when I said to Him, “Lord, I AM YOURS.”